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Aichei Scissor Steel

By Scissor Tech

Aichei Steel Scissor
Aichei steel also known as ‘Aichi’ steel is a high quality 440c Japanese made steel. The Aichi steel is best used in scissors to give not only the perfect sharp cut every time but also the longevity in the scissor itself. Take for example your cutting knife you use every day to cut your vegetables. It’s your favourite knife, you use it nearly every day… why? Because it stays sharp time and time again without needing to re sharpen too close to the last time you may have had it done. Now let’s not get carried away on knives as we’re here to talk about the Aichi Scissor steel.

The Aichi Scissor steel does exactly as mentioned above. The steel provides you with a high-quality scissor that’s strong, sharp and of course pretty to look at and use. Aichi Steel has been around for many years – roughly 80 years at this stage and will further be around for many more. Aichi Scissor Steel has always been a crowd favourite especially for us. So much that we bought out our beloved Matsui range from it to provide our customers with nothing but the best, because in our eyes that’s what you guys deserve – The absolute best! (You can thank us later)

In saying that, now brings me to my next point. Here at Scissor Tech we are obsessed with scissors and all things hair and have always strived to give the best possible wherever we can. Which is why we LOVE the Aichi Steel and have used it on most if not nearly all of our scissors to give you the best tools possible for your long hairdressing/barbering career ahead. Stay steel strong our friends, until next time.


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